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Russell BJ, Brown SD, Siguenza N, Mai I, Saran AR, Lingaraju A, Maissy ES, Machado ACDantas, Pinto AFM, Sanchez C et al..  2022.  Intestinal transgene delivery with native E. coli chassis allows persistent physiological changes.. Cell. 185(17):3263-3277.e15.
Li J, Pinto-Duarte A, Zander M, Cuoco MS, Lai C-Y, Osteen J, Fang L, Luo C, Lucero JD, Gomez-Castanon R et al..  2022.  knockout in excitatory neurons impairs postnatal synapse maturation and increases the repressive histone modification H3K27me3.. Elife. 11
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Moore SM, Seidman JS, Ellegood J, Gao R, Savchenko A, Troutman TD, Abe Y, Stender J, Lee D, Wang S et al..  2019.  Setd5 haploinsufficiency alters neuronal network connectivity and leads to autistic-like behaviors in mice.. Transl Psychiatry. 9(1):24.
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Kim HJoon, Denli AM, Wright R, Baul TD, Clemenson GD, Morcos AS, Zhao C, Schafer ST, Gage FH, Kagalwala MN.  2015.  REST Regulates Non-Cell-Autonomous Neuronal Differentiation and Maturation of Neural Progenitor Cells via Secretogranin II.. J Neurosci. 35(44):14872-84.
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