Stories of Women in Neuroscience

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KIBM works with the Stories of Women in Neuroscience project each year to support women neuroscientists at different career stages and from diverse backgrounds and subfields.

Their multifacted mission includes:

  • Increasing exposure and visibility of women in neuroscience
  • Providing role models for young women who aspire to have careers in science
  • Increasing transparency of success (and failure) in academia
  • Helping to identify external factors that allow women to succeed
  • Advocating for women in neuroscience and encouraging others to do the same

Since the start of 2023, they have released 21 new profiles/episodes and 19 Spanish-translated profiles. Each interview can be accessed on their website and is also available as a podcast episode on Apple and Spotify. Their current 110 profiles include Black, Latina, Asian, and LGBTQ+ women, as well as women at all stages from postdoctoral fellow to full professor, and those studying cells/molecules, circuits/systems, and cognitive neuroscience.

Learn more about Stories of WiN on their website.