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Activation of MAP3K DLK and LZK in Purkinje cells causes rapid and slow degeneration depending on signaling strength., Li, Yunbo, Ritchie Erin M., Steinke Christopher L., Qi Cai, Chen Lizhen, Zheng Binhai, and Jin Yishi , Elife, 2021 Jan 21, Volume 10, (2021)
Neurally driven synthesis of learned, complex vocalizations, Arneodo, Ezequiel M., Chen Shukai, Brown Daril E., Gilja Vikash, and Gentner Timothy Q. , Current Biology, (2021)


A modeling framework for adaptive lifelong learning with transfer and savings through gating in the prefrontal cortex, Tsuda, Ben, Tye Kay M., Siegelmann Hava T., and Sejnowski Terrence J. , Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Volume 117, p.29872–29882, (2020)
Imaging brain activity during complex social behaviors in Drosophila with Flyception2., Grover, Dhruv, Katsuki Takeo, Li Jinfang, Dawkins Thomas J., and Greenspan Ralph J. , Nat Commun, 2020 01 30, Volume 11, Issue 1, p.623, (2020)
Massively Parallel Causal Inference of Whole Brain Dynamics at Single Neuron Resolution, Watanakeesuntorn, Wassapon, Takahashi Keichi, Ichikawa Kohei, Park Joseph, Sugihara George, Takano Ryousei, Haga Jason, and Pao Gerald M. , 2020 IEEE 26th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS), (2020)
Nicotine-induced dopamine plasticity: a gateway to neurotransmitter replacement?, Lai, I-Chi, and Dulcis Davide , Neural Regen Res, 2020 Jan, Volume 15, Issue 1, p.73-74, (2020)


Apical-Basal Polarity Signaling Components, Lgl1 and aPKCs, Control Glutamatergic Synapse Number and Function., Scott, John, Thakar Sonal, Mao Ye, Qin Huaping, Hejran Helen, Lee Su-Yee, Yu Ting, Klezovitch Olga, Cheng Hongqiang, Mu Yongxin, et al. , iScience, 2019 Oct 25, Volume 20, p.25-41, (2019)
Asymmetric ephaptic inhibition between compartmentalized olfactory receptor neurons., Zhang, Ye, Tsang Tin Ki, Bushong Eric A., Chu Li-An, Chiang Ann-Shyn, Ellisman Mark H., Reingruber Jürgen, and Su Chih-Ying , Nat Commun, 2019 04 05, Volume 10, Issue 1, p.1560, (2019)
Fast near-whole-brain imaging in adult Drosophila during responses to stimuli and behavior., Aimon, Sophie, Katsuki Takeo, Jia Tongqiu, Grosenick Logan, Broxton Michael, Deisseroth Karl, Sejnowski Terrence J., and Greenspan Ralph J. , PLoS Biol, 2019 Feb, Volume 17, Issue 2, p.e2006732, (2019)
Impairments in remote memory caused by the lack of Type 2 IP3 receptors, Pinto-Duarte, António, Roberts Amanda J., Ouyang Kunfu, and Sejnowski Terrence J. , Glia, Volume 67, p.1976-1989, (2019)
Neonatal Nicotine Exposure Primes Midbrain Neurons to a Dopaminergic Phenotype and Increases Adult Drug Consumption., Romoli, Benedetto, Lozada Adrian F., Sandoval Ivette M., Manfredsson Fredric P., Hnasko Thomas S., Berg Darwin K., and Dulcis Davide , Biol Psychiatry, 2019 Sep 01, Volume 86, Issue 5, p.344-355, (2019)
Scaling Principles of Distributed Circuits., Srinivasan, Shyam, and Stevens Charles F. , Curr Biol, 2019 Aug 05, Volume 29, Issue 15, p.2533-2540.e7, (2019)
Setd5 haploinsufficiency alters neuronal network connectivity and leads to autistic-like behaviors in mice., Moore, Spencer M., Seidman Jason S., Ellegood Jacob, Gao Richard, Savchenko Alex, Troutman Ty D., Abe Yohei, Stender Josh, Lee Daehoon, Wang Sicong, et al. , Transl Psychiatry, 2019 01 17, Volume 9, Issue 1, p.24, (2019)


A neural data structure for novelty detection., Dasgupta, Sanjoy, Sheehan Timothy C., Stevens Charles F., and Navlakha Saket , Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2018 12 18, Volume 115, Issue 51, p.13093-13098, (2018)
Biosynthesis of Orthogonal Molecules Using Ferredoxin and Ferredoxin-NADP+ Reductase Systems Enables Genetically Encoded PhyB Optogenetics., Kyriakakis, Phillip, Catanho Marianne, Hoffner Nicole, Thavarajah Walter, Hu Vincent J., Chao Syh-Shiuan, Hsu Athena, Pham Vivian, Naghavian Ladan, Dozier Lara E., et al. , ACS Synth Biol, 2018 Jan 24, (2018)
Deep(er) Learning., Srinivasan, Shyam, Greenspan Ralph J., Stevens Charles F., and Grover Dhruv , J Neurosci, 2018 Aug 22, Volume 38, Issue 34, p.7365-7374, (2018)
High-quality ultrastructural preservation using cryofixation for 3D electron microscopy of genetically labeled tissues., Tsang, Tin Ki, Bushong Eric A., Boassa Daniela, Hu Junru, Romoli Benedetto, Phan Sebastien, Dulcis Davide, Su Chih-Ying, and Ellisman Mark H. , Elife, 2018 05 11, Volume 7, (2018)
How struggling adult readers use contextual information when comprehending speech: Evidence from event-related potentials., Ng, Shukhan, Payne Brennan R., Stine-Morrow Elizabeth A. L., and Federmeier Kara D. , Int J Psychophysiol, 2018 03, Volume 125, p.1-9, (2018)
Multiplexed oscillations and phase rate coding in the basal forebrain., Tingley, David, Alexander Andrew S., Quinn Laleh K., Chiba Andrea A., and Nitz Douglas , Sci Adv, 2018 08, Volume 4, Issue 8, p.eaar3230, (2018)
Single-Trial EEG Analysis Predicts Memory Retrieval and Reveals Source-Dependent Differences., Noh, Eunho, Liao Kueida, Mollison Matthew V., Curran Tim, and de Sa Virginia R. , Front Hum Neurosci, 2018, Volume 12, p.258, (2018)
Spatial fine-mapping for gene-by-environment effects identifies risk hot spots for schizophrenia., Fan, Chun Chieh, McGrath John J., Appadurai Vivek, Buil Alfonso, Gandal Michael J., Schork Andrew J., Mortensen Preben Bo, Agerbo Esben, Geschwind Sandy A., Geschwind Daniel, et al. , Nat Commun, 2018 12 13, Volume 9, Issue 1, p.5296, (2018)
The distributed circuit within the piriform cortex makes odor discrimination robust., Srinivasan, Shyam, and Stevens Charles F. , J Comp Neurol, 2018 Dec 01, Volume 526, Issue 17, p.2725-2743, (2018)


Evidence for opposing roles of Celsr3 and Vangl2 in glutamatergic synapse formation., Thakar, Sonal, Wang Liqing, Yu Ting, Ye Mao, Onishi Keisuke, Scott John, Qi Jiaxuan, Fernandes Catarina, Han Xuemei, Yates John R., et al. , Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2017 01 24, Volume 114, Issue 4, p.E610-E618, (2017)
Peripheral inflammation related to lower fMRI activation during a working memory task and resting functional connectivity among older adults: a preliminary study., Dev, Sheena I., Moore Raeanne C., Soontornniyomkij Benchawanna, Achim Cristian L., Jeste Dilip V., and Eyler Lisa T. , Int J Geriatr Psychiatry, 2017 Mar, Volume 32, Issue 3, p.341-349, (2017)
Subiculum neurons map the current axis of travel., Olson, Jacob M., Tongprasearth Kanyanat, and Nitz Douglas A. , Nat Neurosci, 2017 02, Volume 20, Issue 2, p.170-172, (2017)


Flyception: imaging brain activity in freely walking fruit flies., Grover, Dhruv, Katsuki Takeo, and Greenspan Ralph J. , Nat Methods, 2016 Jul, Volume 13, Issue 7, p.569-72, (2016)
Marmosets: A Neuroscientific Model of Human Social Behavior., Miller, Cory T., Freiwald Winrich A., Leopold David A., Mitchell Jude F., Silva Afonso C., and Wang Xiaoqin , Neuron, 2016 04 20, Volume 90, Issue 2, p.219-33, (2016)
Optogenetic manipulation of neural circuits in awake marmosets., MacDougall, Matthew, Nummela Samuel U., Coop Shanna, Disney Anita, Mitchell Jude F., and Miller Cory T. , J Neurophysiol, 2016 09 01, Volume 116, Issue 3, p.1286-94, (2016)
Swimming Microrobot Optical Nanoscopy., Li, Jinxing, Liu Wenjuan, Li Tianlong, Rozen Isaac, Zhao Jason, Bahari Babak, Kante Boubacar, and Wang Joseph , Nano Lett, 2016 Oct 12, Volume 16, Issue 10, p.6604-6609, (2016)
Temporal and spatial tuning of dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus neurons in unanesthetized rats., Sriram, Balaji, Meier Philip M., and Reinagel Pamela , J Neurophysiol, 2016 06 01, Volume 115, Issue 5, p.2658-71, (2016)


Children's Task-Switching Efficiency: Missing Our Cue?, Holt, Anna E., and Deák Gedeon , Journal of Cognition and Development, Volume 16, p.261–285, (2015)
Distinct neural correlates of emotional and cognitive empathy in older adults., Moore, Raeanne C., Dev Sheena I., Jeste Dilip V., Dziobek Isabel, and Eyler Lisa T. , Psychiatry Res, 2015 Apr 30, Volume 232, Issue 1, p.42-50, (2015)
From suffering to caring: a model of differences among older adults in levels of compassion., Moore, Raeanne C., Martin A'verria Sirkin, Kaup Allison R., Thompson Wesley K., Peters Matthew E., Jeste Dilip V., Golshan Shahrokh, and Eyler Lisa T. , Int J Geriatr Psychiatry, 2015 Feb, Volume 30, Issue 2, p.185-91, (2015)
Mean signal and response time influences on multivoxel signals of contextual retrieval in the medial temporal lobe., Reas, Emilie T., and Brewer James B. , Brain Behav, 2015 Feb, Volume 5, Issue 2, p.e00302, (2015)
Motion dependence of smooth pursuit eye movements in the marmoset., Mitchell, Jude F., Priebe Nicholas J., and Miller Cory T. , J Neurophysiol, 2015 Jun 01, Volume 113, Issue 10, p.3954-60, (2015)
The marmoset monkey as a model for visual neuroscience., Mitchell, Jude F., and Leopold David A. , Neurosci Res, 2015 Apr, Volume 93, p.20-46, (2015)


Active vision in marmosets: a model system for visual neuroscience., Mitchell, Jude F., Reynolds John H., and Miller Cory T. , J Neurosci, 2014 Jan 22, Volume 34, Issue 4, p.1183-94, (2014)
Age-related changes in tissue signal properties within cortical areas important for word understanding in 12- to 19-month-old infants., Travis, Katherine E., Curran Megan M., Torres Christina, Leonard Matthew K., Brown Timothy T., Dale Anders M., Elman Jeffrey L., and Halgren Eric , Cereb Cortex, 2014 Jul, Volume 24, Issue 7, p.1948-55, (2014)
Atypical right hemisphere specialization for object representations in an adolescent with specific language impairment., Brown, Timothy T., Erhart Matthew, Avesar Daniel, Dale Anders M., Halgren Eric, and Evans Julia L. , Front Hum Neurosci, 2014, Volume 8, p.82, (2014)
Changes in GABA and glutamate concentrations during memory tasks in patients with Parkinson's disease undergoing DBS surgery., Buchanan, Robert J., Darrow David P., Meier Kevin T., Robinson Jennifer, Schiehser Dawn M., Glahn David C., and Nadasdy Zoltan , Front Hum Neurosci, 2014, Volume 8, p.81, (2014)