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Covariate-modulated local false discovery rate for genome-wide association studies., Zablocki, Rong W., Schork Andrew J., Levine Richard A., Andreassen Ole A., Dale Anders M., and Thompson Wesley K. , Bioinformatics, 2014 Aug 1, Volume 30, Issue 15, p.2098-104, (2014)
Gamma band activity and the P3 reflect post-perceptual processes, not visual awareness., Pitts, Michael A., Padwal Jennifer, Fennelly Daniel, Martínez Antígona, and Hillyard Steven A. , Neuroimage, 2014 Nov 1, Volume 101, p.337-50, (2014)
Inhibitory motor control based on complex stopping goals relies on the same brain network as simple stopping., Wessel, Jan R., and Aron Adam R. , Neuroimage, 2014 Dec, Volume 103, p.225-34, (2014)
Nerve growth factor is primarily produced by GABAergic neurons of the adult rat cortex., Biane, Jeremy, Conner James M., and Tuszynski Mark H. , Front Cell Neurosci, 2014, Volume 8, p.220, (2014)
Neural language processing in adolescent first-language learners., Ramirez, Naja Ferjan, Leonard Matthew K., Torres Christina, Hatrak Marla, Halgren Eric, and Mayberry Rachel I. , Cereb Cortex, 2014 Oct, Volume 24, Issue 10, p.2772-83, (2014)
Sparse and distributed coding of episodic memory in neurons of the human hippocampus., Wixted, John T., Squire Larry R., Jang Yoonhee, Papesh Megan H., Goldinger Stephen D., Kuhn Joel R., Smith Kris A., Treiman David M., and Steinmetz Peter N. , Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2014 Jul 1, Volume 111, Issue 26, p.9621-6, (2014)
Speech-specific tuning of neurons in human superior temporal gyrus., Chan, Alexander M., Dykstra Andrew R., Jayaram Vinay, Leonard Matthew K., Travis Katherine E., Gygi Brian, Baker Janet M., Eskandar Emad, Hochberg Leigh R., Halgren Eric, et al. , Cereb Cortex, 2014 Oct, Volume 24, Issue 10, p.2679-93, (2014)
Tool morphology constrains the effects of tool use on body representations., Miller, Luke E., Longo Matthew R., and Saygin Ayse P. , J Exp Psychol Hum Percept Perform, 2014 Dec, Volume 40, Issue 6, p.2143-53, (2014)
Using single-trial EEG to predict and analyze subsequent memory., Noh, Eunho, Herzmann Grit, Curran Tim, and de Sa Virginia R. , Neuroimage, 2014 Jan 01, Volume 84, p.712-23, (2014)


Contrast dependence and differential contributions from somatostatin- and parvalbumin-expressing neurons to spatial integration in mouse V1., Nienborg, Hendrikje, Hasenstaub Andrea, Nauhaus Ian, Taniguchi Hiroki, Z Huang Josh, and Callaway Edward M. , J Neurosci, 2013 Jul 3, Volume 33, Issue 27, p.11145-54, (2013)
Evidence that primary visual cortex is required for image, orientation, and motion discrimination by rats., Petruno, Sarah K., Clark Robert E., and Reinagel Pamela , PLoS One, 2013, Volume 8, Issue 2, p.e56543, (2013)
Independence of early speech processing from word meaning., Travis, Katherine E., Leonard Matthew K., Chan Alexander M., Torres Christina, Sizemore Marisa L., Qu Zhe, Eskandar Emad, Dale Anders M., Elman Jeffrey L., Cash Sydney S., et al. , Cereb Cortex, 2013 Oct, Volume 23, Issue 10, p.2370-9, (2013)
Neural stages of spoken, written, and signed word processing in beginning second language learners., Leonard, Matthew K., Ramirez Naja Ferjan, Torres Christina, Hatrak Marla, Mayberry Rachel I., and Halgren Eric , Front Hum Neurosci, 2013, Volume 7, p.322, (2013)
Rats and humans differ in processing collinear visual features., Meier, Philip M., and Reinagel Pamela , Front Neural Circuits, 2013, Volume 7, p.197, (2013)


Atypical social referencing in infant siblings of children with autism spectrum disorders., Cornew, Lauren, Dobkins Karen R., Akshoomoff Natacha, McCleery Joseph P., and Carver Leslie J. , J Autism Dev Disord, 2012 Dec, Volume 42, Issue 12, p.2611-21, (2012)
Signed words in the congenitally deaf evoke typical late lexicosemantic responses with no early visual responses in left superior temporal cortex., Leonard, Matthew K., Ramirez Naja Ferjan, Torres Christina, Travis Katherine E., Hatrak Marla, Mayberry Rachel I., and Halgren Eric , J Neurosci, 2012 Jul 11, Volume 32, Issue 28, p.9700-5, (2012)
Static sound timing alters sensitivity to low-level visual motion., Kafaligonul, Hulusi, and Stoner Gene R. , J Vis, 2012, Volume 12, Issue 11, (2012)
Visual processing of contour patterns under conditions of inattentional blindness., Pitts, Michael A., Martínez Antígona, and Hillyard Steven A. , J Cogn Neurosci, 2012 Feb, Volume 24, Issue 2, p.287-303, (2012)


Collinear features impair visual detection by rats., Meier, Philip, Flister Erik, and Reinagel Pamela , J Vis, 2011, Volume 11, Issue 3, (2011)
Hippocampal signals for strong memory when associative memory is available and when it is not., Wais, Peter E. , Hippocampus, 2011 Jan, Volume 21, Issue 1, p.9-21, (2011)
Language proficiency modulates the recruitment of non-classical language areas in bilinguals., Leonard, Matthew K., Torres Christina, Travis Katherine E., Brown Timothy T., Hagler Donald J., Dale Anders M., Elman Jeffrey L., and Halgren Eric , PLoS One, 2011, Volume 6, Issue 3, p.e18240, (2011)
Neural substrates of time perception and impulsivity., Wittmann, Marc, Simmons Alan N., Flagan Taru, Lane Scott D., Wackermann Jiří, and Paulus Martin P. , Brain Res, 2011 Aug 11, Volume 1406, p.43-58, (2011)
Spatiotemporal neural dynamics of word understanding in 12- to 18-month-old-infants., Travis, Katherine E., Leonard Matthew K., Brown Timothy T., Hagler Donald J., Curran Megan, Dale Anders M., Elman Jeffrey L., and Halgren Eric , Cereb Cortex, 2011 Aug, Volume 21, Issue 8, p.1832-9, (2011)


Accumulation of neural activity in the posterior insula encodes the passage of time., Wittmann, Marc, Simmons Alan N., Aron Jennifer L., and Paulus Martin P. , Neuropsychologia, 2010 Aug, Volume 48, Issue 10, p.3110-20, (2010)
Adult neurogenesis: integrating theories and separating functions., Aimone, James B., Deng Wei, and Gage Fred H. , Trends Cogn Sci, 2010 Jul, Volume 14, Issue 7, p.325-37, (2010)
Auditory modulation of visual apparent motion with short spatial and temporal intervals., Kafaligonul, Hulusi, and Stoner Gene R. , J Vis, 2010, Volume 10, Issue 12, p.31, (2010)
New neurons and new memories: how does adult hippocampal neurogenesis affect learning and memory?, Deng, Wei, Aimone James B., and Gage Fred H. , Nat Rev Neurosci, 2010 May, Volume 11, Issue 5, p.339-50, (2010)
Now or later? Striatum and insula activation to immediate versus delayed rewards., Wittmann, Marc, Lovero Kathryn L., Lane Scott D., and Paulus Martin P. , J Neurosci Psychol Econ, 2010 May 1, Volume 3, Issue 1, p.15-26, (2010)
Spatiotemporal dynamics of bilingual word processing., Leonard, Matthew K., Brown Timothy T., Travis Katherine E., Gharapetian Lusineh, Hagler Donald J., Dale Anders M., Elman Jeffrey L., and Halgren Eric , Neuroimage, 2010 Feb 15, Volume 49, Issue 4, p.3286-94, (2010)
Sustained dorsal hippocampal activity is not obligatory for either the maintenance or retrieval of long-term spatial memory., Broadbent, Nicola J., Squire Larry R., and Clark Robert E. , Hippocampus, 2010 Dec, Volume 20, Issue 12, p.1366-75, (2010)
Targeting single neuronal networks for gene expression and cell labeling in vivo., Marshel, James H., Mori Takuma, Nielsen Kristina J., and Callaway Edward M. , Neuron, 2010 Aug 26, Volume 67, Issue 4, p.562-74, (2010)


Atypical face versus object processing and hemispheric asymmetries in 10-month-old infants at risk for autism., McCleery, Joseph P., Akshoomoff Natacha, Dobkins Karen R., and Carver Leslie J. , Biol Psychiatry, 2009 Nov 15, Volume 66, Issue 10, p.950-7, (2009)
Computational influence of adult neurogenesis on memory encoding., Aimone, James B., Wiles Janet, and Gage Fred H. , Neuron, 2009 Jan 29, Volume 61, Issue 2, p.187-202, (2009)
Effects of gestational length, gender, postnatal age, and birth order on visual contrast sensitivity in infants., Dobkins, Karen R., Bosworth Rain G., and McCleery Joseph P. , J Vis, 2009, Volume 9, Issue 10, p.19.1-21, (2009)
Temporal horizons in decision making., Wittmann, Marc, and Paulus Martin P. , Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics, Volume 2, p.1, (2009)