KIBM held its Annual Symposium on Innovative Research on May 12, 2023

May 15, 2023

KIBM hosted its Annual Symposium on Innovative Research on May 12, 2023 featuring presentations from this year's Innovative Research Grant recipients, keynote speaker Julio Martinez-Trujillo from Western University, and the first cohort of the Postdoctoral Scholars Program. 

Many exciting talks were presented from various departments across UC San Diego and Salk Institute for Biological Sciences. IRG speakers included: Christina Gremel (Psychology), Ryan Place (Cognitive Science), Runqi Zhang (Neurobiology), Diana Smith (Neurosciences), Dimitri Deheyn (Scripps Research Institute), Ji-An Li (Neurosciences), and Ana Chkhaidze (Cognitive Science). You can view more details about the presentations on our event page.

If you were not able to catch the event this past year, we invite you to join us again next spring!

Dimitri Deheyn presenting "Centralized versus peripheral processing of environmental information: learning from invertebrate cephalopods"

Christopher Lee, Jeffrey Jones, Donovan Ventimiglia, and Lisanne Schulze from the 2022-2023 Postdoctoral Scholars cohort gave presentations at the symposium

Jeffrey Jones presenting "Isogenic patient derived neurons and tissue reveal metabolic and genomic alterations in age and Alzheimer’s disease"

Guests outside UC San Diego's Tata Hall: Fred Kavli Auditorium enjoying food and drinks at the reception after the symposium presentations