January Lunch & Social Hour

Event Dates (Pacific Time): 
Wednesday, January 10, 2018 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Our goal is to bring young researchers (non-faculty) together so they can meet, network and share research. This event is open only to YOUNG RESEARCHERS (grad student/ postdoc/ project scientist).

This luncheon consists of a few short, informal talks by young researchers, followed by a social hour.  Lunch will be provided by KIBM.


Sumitash Jana - Unexpected sounds increase exploration

Sage Aronson - Discussion

Sage works in Roberto Malinow's lab where he utilizes state of the art optogenetics and electrophysiological methods to better understand the neural circuits involved in evaluating whether an experience is good or bad. Notably, these circuits are disrupted in a depressed state. He also started a successful company manufacturing a special type of microscope that allows researchers to record the activity of specific brain regions in a freely moving animal.

Please RSVP at https://ykavlijan18.eventbrite.com.

Chairs: Marta Pratelli & Shams Al-Azzam