Nov 1, 2013
Nick Spitzer and Ralph Greenspan discuss the future of brain research at The Atlantic Meets the Pacific 2013 Conference.
Oct 3, 2013
The Kavli Energy NanoSciences Institute (Kavli ENSI) at the University of California, Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is announced as the 17th Kavli Institute.
Sep 17, 2013
The Kavli Foundation hosted a live webcast featuring Jeff Elman on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 noon-12:30 PDT.
Aug 7, 2013
KIBM member and Professor of Cognitive Science, Rafael Núñez, participates in a Kavli Foundation roundtable discussion on the origins of math.
May 16, 2013
UC San Diego creates new Center for Brain Activity Mapping (CBAM) with Ralph Greenspan named as the founding director.