Apr 1, 2014
The Kavli Foundation presents a Science Spotlight on "Aging and the Changing Landscape of Memory" featuring KIBM Executive Committee Member, Rusty Gage.
Mar 24, 2014
CBAM Director Ralph Greenspan participated in a State Senate Hearing to discuss a California BRAIN Initiative (CalBRAIN).
Mar 3, 2014
CBAM Distinguished Lecture Series: Jean-Pierre Changeux, Monday, March 3, 2014 @ 4pm, Atkinson Pavilion, UCSD Faculty Club.
Dec 17, 2013
NIH announces six BRAIN Initiative funding opportunities totaling $40 million in Fiscal Year 2014.
Dec 1, 2013
KIBM announces the Innovative Research Grant Program Call for Proposals (deadline: 2/28/2014).