KIBM Awards 2024-25 Innovative Research Grant Recipients

May 10, 2024

KIBM awards $400,000 to 8 teams of investigators to support interdisciplinary brain-mind research in 2024-25.

Please help us in congratulating the following teams on their award selection:

  • Vineet Augustine, UCSD Neurobiology: Reinterpreting Heart Attacks: Myocardial Infarction as a Neuroimmune Stress Disorder
  • Nicola Allen, Salk Institute: The Role of Aged Astrocytes in the Regulation of Cerebellar Purkinje Cell Function
  • Matthew Banghart, UCSD Neurobiology: Chemogenetic dissection of NMDA receptor subunit contributions to the antidepressant-like actions of ketamine
  • Kenta Asahina, Salk Institute: Genetic transformation of the sweat bees for studying the neural origin of sociality
  • Tim Gentner, UCSD Psychology: Wiring the Multilingual Mind: Neural Bases of Speech Category Learning
  • Jing Wang, UCSD Neurobiology: Bending the Mind by Gut Bacteria: Exploring Commensal Microbiota's Role in Feeding Regulation
  • Francesco Fazio, UCSD Psychiatry: mGlu4 receptors heterodimers effects on dendritic spines during anhedonia
  • Brenda Bloodgood, UCSD Neurobiology: Integrating Nanotechnology for Multi-Site Neuronal Recordings

A list of current and past recipients is posted on the Innovative Research Grants (IRG) Award Recipients page.